Lighting Cabinet, Multi-channel LED, Daylight & Blackbody Simulator, Image Evaluation, Camera Calibration, Visual Assessment


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LEDHDR High Dynamic Range Light Source

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LED channel drive methodAmplitude Modulation
Resolution4095*48=196560 step
Warm up timeNo warm up time @ < 10,000 lux
15 mins @ > 10,000 lux
Predefined illuminantsCCT: 6500±500K,or customized
CIE Ra: >90,or customized
Illuminance rangefrom 10 lux to 250,000 lux
Uniformityillumination surface(620×320mm):
illumination uniformity> 90%
CCT uniformity > 96%
Electrical100-240V 50/60Hz,  1000W Maximum
Operating ambient temperature25 °C ± 3 °C
ConnectionUSB cable
DimensionsExternal dimensions(W/D/H): 1010×560×750 mm
Observation window:620x320mm / Depth: 460mm
Weight74 kg