Lighting Cabinet, Multi-channel LED, Daylight & Blackbody Simulator, Image Evaluation, Camera Calibration, Visual Assessment

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THOUSLITE LED-based Standard Lighting Environment Provider

THOUSLITE (Thousand Lights Lighting (Changzhou) Limited) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on multi-channel LED lighting technology and light quality management. THOUSLITE produces a variety of LED-based standard lighting environments and is active in international technical conferences and standardization societies.  THOUSLITE’s full range of multi-channel LED lighting products are used for lighting research, industrial color assessment, Total appearance communication, and camera & sensor testing. THOUSLITE also provides customized products and services for your lighting needs. Our 36-hour fast response policy provides you with superior service. Based on our extensive technical experience, THOUSLITE is committed to provide you with excellent products, advanced solutions, and professional service.



  • Address Building 32A, No.28 Panyang Road,Changzhou International Intelligence Valley, Liando U Valley, Xinbei District, Changzhou, China, 213031.

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