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LEDSpace High Illumination and Uniform Light Source for Large Area

LEDSpace is a high illuminance source used to simulate outdoor daylight conditions in a large area for camera quality assessment.

  • Includes CIE standard illuminants (D50, D55, D65, D75)
  • Superior color quality: Ra>98, MIvis Grade A @ power>50%
  • Incorporates amplitude modulation
  • Large size area (320 cm x 240 cm) to illuminate a reflective test target
  • Tunable LED provides illuminance uniformity
  • Special lens for extra high illuminance
  • Controlled by DMX for easy communication to other light sources
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    LEDSpace Application

    LEDSpace is a light source with a large angle and high intensity. Its light source quality simulates CIE daylight light source (D50, D55, D65, D75), which can provide an environment close to daylight for indoor places; under proper arrangement, it can achieve an area with large area and high uniform illumination used for the observation of large-area test charts (up to 320cm x 240cm); and the light source is controlled through the DMX interface, which is convenient for use in combination with other light sources.

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    LEDSpace Observation Box
    1. With a high-intensity light source, which illuminance measured in the observation box 48cm(D) x 45cm(W) x 55cm(H) is larger than 20,000 lux.
    2. Large-angle light source properly placed can make the irradiation area 320cm (W) x 240cm (H) have a uniformity of light intensity of about 80%.
    3. When power is larger than 60%, the quality of light source Mivis is grade A; when power is larger than 30%, the quality of light source Mivis grade is equal or better to B.
    4. When power is larger than 60%, the color rendering of the light source Ra is larger than 98.
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    LEDSpace Setting Example
LED channels*11 channel
Spectral range400-800nm
LED channel drive methodAmplitude Modulation
Resolution256 steps
Warm up time15 minutes
Illuminants*2Select one: CIE Illuminant D50、D55、D65、D75
Ra>98、Mivis A class @ power>60%、Mivis B class @ power>30%
Illuminance of light unit (lx)1 unit measured in view cabinet 48cm(D) x 45cm(W) x 55cm(H):
>20,000 lx
Divergence angle±90°
Illuminance area / Uniformity Center illuminanceEvery 2 sement light source at left and right sides(1 segment contains 7 units)
Illuminance area: 320cmx240cm / Uniformity 80%
Center illuminance >3500lx
Electrical100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 1.8KW (max)
Operating ambient temperature20°C
Communication networkDMX
Dimensions(L/W/H)1 segment (contains 7 units):(H)1321mm*(W)310mm*(D)190mm (customerized)
1 set (contains 2 segments):(H)2642mm*(W)310mm*(D)190mm (customerized)
Weight1 segment (contains 7 units):37kg
1 set (contains 2 segments):74kg
Scope of deliveryLight source, lens module, power box, power cord, signal cord, DMX cord, SOP

*1:The number of LED kinds.
*2:Light quality is measured under enviroment temperature 25° after 15 minutes warm up time.