Lighting Cabinet, Multi-channel LED, Daylight & Blackbody Simulator, Image Evaluation, Camera Calibration, Visual Assessment


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LEDBTC is a large, transparent, uniform illuminator using multi-channel LED technology. It is specially designed to provide a large transmissive target for testing camera quality.

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Digital driving channels24
LED channels*114
LED channel drive methodAmplitude Modulation, AM(default) / Pulse-width modulation, PWM(customized) / AP*2
Spectral range380-730 nm
Resolution*310 bit (1024 steps dimmable for each channel)
Warm up timeNo
Lifetime>10,000 hours
Capacity80 light source in LEDCube hardware, unlimited in software
Predefined illuminants*4D75, D65, D55, D50, A
CIE Ra > 98, MIvis: Grade A (<0.25)
Tunable rangeCCT: 2000~20000K
Duv: -0.02~+0.02
Luminous emittanceMax. up to 3000lux, depending on illuminants
Short-term stability*5ΔCCT<±20K; ΔLuminance <±1%
Long-term stability*6ΔCCT<±50K; ΔLuminance <±2%
Software instrument compatibilityKonica Minolta CL500A & CS-2000, THOUSLITE FS & FS-VIS-IR Spectrometer
Jeti Specbos 1211UV spectroradiometer
Electrical100-240V 50/60Hz,  150W Maximum
Operating ambient temperature25°C±3 °C
ConnectionUSB cable
Dimensions(W/D/H)External dimensions(W/D/H) excluded stand: 239cm × 92.7cm × 188 cm
Emitting surface: 200cm x 150cm
WeightExcluded stand: 330 kg
Scope of deliveryLEDBTC, power cord, USB cable, software LEDNavigator-LT with dongle,  controller of touch panel, SDK*7 available on request
SoftwareModules in software LEDNavigator-LT:
1. Blackbody locus simulator
2. SPD Match
3. Single channel control
4. Dynamic lighting
5. Fast & accurate feedback*8

*1:The number of LED kinds
*2:AP is the hybrid driving of AM and PWM. The frequency of PWM is from 0.1 Hz to 1000 Hz.
*3:Actually 1000 steps can be used because some steps for low luminance calibration.
*4:Light quality is measured with 80% power
*5:When set light source as D50 without warm up time under enviroment temperature 25°, short-term stability is measured during 24 hours and compared to average value.
*6:When set light source as D50 after 30 minutes warm up time under enviroment temperature 25°, long-term stability is measured during 90 days and compared to average value.
*7:Users can utilize the SDK to realized the functions of Dynamic lighting, Single channel control.
*8:Users need to have the compatible instrument for measurements