Spectral Tunable LED Technology

Author: DATE:2016-01-26 09:24:51 Popularity:1940

  The Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) of traditional light source is fixed, as shown below, and only the light intensity can be adjusted.


The SPD of tungsten lamp, tri-band fluorescent, cool white fluorescent

  Based on the narrow band properties of LED, the target SPD can be simulated by mixing a set of LEDs with different peak wavelength, as shown below. Apparently, the SPD is the core data to calculate the light quality parameters. If the SPD of one light source is accurately simulated, it means the corresponding color temperature, color rendering properties, chromaticity coordinates, S/P values, etc, are all reproduced. 


The SPD of LEDs with different peak wavelength

  In order to achieve excellent tunable property, the selection of LED combinations is the first priority task. A good LED combination guarantees high quality light output to satisfy different application requirements. THOUSLITE owns more than 100 color and white LED library with different peak wavelength, ranging from ultra violet, visible to near infrared. Meanwhile, THOUSLITE has the ability to select the LED combinations for different applications.


LEDs with different peak wavelength 

  In order to achieve excellent tunable property, the good heat management and electrical design guarantee the good and stable light output. THOUSLITE is experienced in LED heat management, LED electrical design, LED IC driver design, etc. 


Heat management and electrical design