Surface color visual assessment lighting

Scope: Simulate standard illuminants (including D50, D65, D75, A ,etc) or user-defined light source for color visual assessment or color quality control in surface color industry, including textile, coating, plastics, printing, imaging, etc.

Description: By using a set of high power LEDs and our proprietary LEDNavigator software, THOUSLITE products can easily and accurately simulate any lighting environment having different Spectral Power Distribution (SPD), including daylight illuminant with best lighting quality than all cabinets on the market. THOUSLITE LEDView provides standard lighting environment with fixed space; THOUSLITE LEDCube is controlled via Zigbee wireless technology, and it is easy to build large or customized lighting environment with multiple LEDCubes. 

Products: LEDView series Lighting Cabinet (fixed space), LEDCube any SPD Simulator (large space)


Standard lighting environment simulated by LEDView


Several calibrated levels of UV amounts in LEDView for accurate OBA observation

  t01.jpg  t02.jpg

image022.png  image024.png

D50 and D65 performance simulated by LEDView


Large or customized standard lighting environment using multiple LEDCube