Lighting Research

Scope: Optimal lighting environment study (including office lighting, agricultural light recipe, medical lighting, museum lighting, food lighting, non-visual effect etc), color rendering study, whiteness index study, etc.

Description: By using a set of high power LEDs and our proprietary LEDNavigator software, THOUSLITE products can easily and accurately simulate any lighting environment having different Spectral Power Distribution (SPD), including blackbody locus and daylight illuminant. Based on the various lighting environments simulated by THOUSLITE products, users can conduct corresponding study to find the optimal lighting environment for specific application. THOUSLITE LEDCube is controlled via Zigbee wireless technology, and it is easy to build large or customized lighting research environment with multiple LEDCubes. 

Products: LEDView series Lighting Cabinet (fixed space), LEDCube any SPD Simulator (large space)



Lighting environment simulation


Lighting environment simulated by LEDView-Ultimate


Museum lighting study using LEDCube


Large or customized lighting research environment using multiple LEDCubes


Flexible installation for LEDCube