Imaging & sensor evaluation lighting

Scope: Simulate various lighting environments to evaluate the performance of camera or sensors, including auto white balance test, color rendering test, auto exposure test, etc.

Description: By using a set of high power LEDs and our proprietary LEDNavigator software, THOUSLITE products can easily and accurately simulate any lighting environment having different Spectral Power Distribution (SPD), including blackbody locus and daylight illuminant. THOUSLITE LEDView provides various lighting environment with fixed space; THOUSLITE LEDCube is controlled via Zigbee wireless technology, and it is easy to build large or customized lighting environment with multiple LEDCubes; THOUSLITE LEDTrans provides spectral tunable high uniform (>96%) light output on emitting surface (280×210mm) for test chart illumination and camera calibration; THOUSLITE LEDSense provides spectral tunable high uniform (>96%) on emitting surface (Φ8cm) light output for image sensor calibration in production line.

Products:LEDView series Lighting Cabinet (fixed space), LEDCube any SPD Simulator (large space), LEDTrans Transparent Uniform Lighting Box (transparency viewer for lab ) ,LEDPanel Multi-channel LED Calibration Source (transparency)


Color rendering test setup in LEDView


Various lighting environment simulated by LEDView



Large space (above) & 45/0 geometry (below) lighting environment using multiple LEDCubes


LEDTrans applications for test chart


LEDPanel  product


The different CCT simulated by LEDPanel


The different illuminance at 5000K simulated by LEDPanel